Rodrick Heffley is Greg's 19 year old  brother . Rodrick's role in the books is often bullying Greg and playing in his band, Löded Diper, in which he plays as a drummer. Rodrick doesn't talk to his little brother Manny much, in fact, there are no records of him soley talking to Manny except in book 4 (when he told Manny that the hump was the worst seat in the car because it was the smallest and least comfortable on the way to the Slipside Water Park in the car, and Greg had to exchange seats with Manny as it was "only fair" because Greg's parents got sick of Manny's crying. And is as lazy as Greg.) He is fond of heavy metal. He also has a liking for shrunken heads. He enjoys causing trouble and blaming it on Greg, which almost always works. He tries to humiliate Greg several times. Throughout the series he is seen very old-school taking by "you hit me once, I hit you twice," the person being hit usually Greg. He is shown to not be very intelligent (being the worst speller in his family and not knowing how to type) and spends most of his free time sleeping. In Rodrick Rules, Greg mentions that once the year before Rodrick slept for thirty-six full hours, missing an entire day of his life as well as school, and no one bothered to wake him up, not even his parents.

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