The Snellas are a family that lives in the Heffleys' neighborhood, and they have a lot of children, all of whom are male and have names beginning with the letter S. All we know are five of the children's names (here's the order from oldest to youngest): Sam, Scott, Shawn, Shane, and Seth. In book one, Shane Snella makes an appearance in Greg and Rowley's haunted house, getting stuck underneath an old bed they call "The Hall of Screams" and coming out crying. In book two, Greg discouraged Shawn Snella's dream for becoming a basketball player because of his height and weight by saying "Think again, Shawn, not one of your parents is taller than five-foot-two, and you're the only two hundred pound six-year-old I know". Then Shawn burst into tears, and his dad came to get him. In book three, it is revealed that each Snella child has a half birthday party in which the adults have to perform funny stunts. Mr. Snella then sends the videos to "America's Funniest Families", a spoof of America's Funniest Home Videos, and has never won anything, although it is possible they won with the clip of Greg's pants falling down. In the web publication, their surname was Smedley.

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